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Coronado Family

Celebrating the Heartbeat of Our Success
A Tribute to Our Exceptional Team!

We are a family owned and operated company with roots that extend back to the 1900's. It is important to us that our residents and team members feel like they are a part of our family.

Developed with our family’s values in mind, the Coronado Retirement Village strategy is what sets us apart. These values are the soul of our company and our family. From how we serve our residents, to how we hire and train our staff and interact with our peers and vendors, the Coronado values are the framework on which the company’s decisions are based.
Our admissions team will help you:
Our “Whatever it takes” attitude prevails in Coronado Retirement Village. Our team is accessible and available. We work relentlessly to promote and maintain our resident’s safety and quality of life.

The dedication and compassion exhibited by our staff and team members towards the elderly residents are truly commendable. Every day, they go above and beyond to ensure the well-

being and comfort of our senior residents, creating a warm and supportive environment that feels like an extension of their own homes.

Tour the community

Please call to schedule a tour our community. Admissions team will assist in finding you suitable room and assess the care needs of your loved one.

Tour the Community

Assess the care level

The admissions team will coordinate with a provider for the medical records and make arrangements for the transition to the community. We will help you on each step of the way to make this process as smooth as possible!

Assess care Level


We navigate the move in process to make transition as smooth as possible.  Go over admissions criteria, contract, and policies. Assist in coordinating with third party agencies like home health, hospice, physical therapy, vaccinations, and medical providers.

At Coronado Retirement Village assisted living is about more than a helping hand; it’s about promoting overall well-being through a whole-person approach to aging that includes four key lifestyle choices: exercise, connection, nutrition and goals. Residents enjoy opportunities to stay active, eat well, connect with neighbors, and achieve personal goals right outside their apartment door, every day.
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Raised by compassionate parents and grandparents, the Kharbanda family learned early about the importance of unconditional giving and sharing. Throughout their lives, they have lived and shared these values and now they have been passed on to their grandchildren who are equally passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Our prior generations went through multiple migrations and living as refugees had significant implications, but our family’s ability to trust and serve continued to grow. They never gave up.

CEO, Rajni Kharbanda quotes “I now marvel at what a life of giving can yield, exceeding guest expectations is our calling."

Our dedication to eldercare heightened, when our own family member was diagnosed with dementia and needed special care and attention. We learned that the effect of Alzheimer’s looked different from day to day and various interventions were necessary as the disease progressed. No matter the ailment, heartfelt attention was always appreciated. We want to provide that same nurturing and understanding community for those seniors who can’t stay at home.

Our Pioneers
Coronado Family Core

Coronado Careers Opportunity


Benefits: Competitive compensation, Health Insurance, Retirement Savings, Vacation package, Paid Holidays and sick leave


We provide a dynamic work environment that encourages continuous learning and development.


We foster a collaborative and inclusive culture.

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