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hospice care

Hospice Care

Someone can remain in hospice care at Coronado Retirement Community as long as they meet the criteria of having six months or less to live, according to his/her physician. Coronado Retirement Village works with several different hospice companies and works to ensure end-of-life care is peaceful and painless.

What is hospice?

Hospice is palliative care for those with end-of-life illnesses.

What care does hospice provide?

Hospice provides palliative care: treatment that focuses on relieving or alleviating the pain caused by life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, aids, dementia, heart failure, and Parkinson’s disease.


What care does hospice not provide?

Treatments focused on curing terminal illnesses are not covered by hospice, nor is treatment related to other non-terminal illnesses the patient may have.

What are the signs that someone should have hospice care?

If you or a loved one is ready to forego receiving cure-based care for a terminal illness and wish to live more comfortably, hospice can help make this transition.


Who treats the patient?

Hospice care provides the patient with a team of specialists dedicated to making the life of the patient as comfortable as possible. This includes social workers, doctors, therapists, nurses, and spiritual advisors. There will always be someone available to the patient at all hours of the day and each person works personally with the patient to ensure they are being cared for the way they prefer.

Who pays for hospice?

Private health insurance, depending on the plan, may cover all or some of hospice care. Medicare covers all care. Hospice care is not something anyone should shy away from, and should be considered seriously when thinking about making end-of-life arrangements.

Those who receive hospice care at the end of their lives are able to have greater control over this moment of their lives and greater comfort.

Those within hospice care are less likely to have to go through unnecessary painful treatments or take medications they no longer wish to take. Though it can be a difficult topic to discuss, it is important to be open in talking about hospice care with family to ensure you get the control and guidance you deserve when it is that time.

“Coronado Retirement Village

is top on our list.”

We are lucky to have an ongoing relationship with Coronado Retirement Village which is top on our list. We admire that CRV team treats their residents with dignity and respect and take care of their every need.

Mission Hospice representative Derrick Staples, an Army Veteran served with 82nd Airborne Division and a hospice professional for 14 years.

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