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About Us

Welcome to Coronado Retirement Village Assisted Living and Memory Care

We are a family owned and operated company with roots that extend back to the 1900's. It is important to us that our residents and team members feel like they are a part of our family.
Developed with our family’s values in mind, the Coronado Retirement Village strategy is what sets us apart. These values are the soul of our company and our family. From how we serve our residents, to how we hire and train our staff and interact with our peers and vendors, the Coronado values are the framework on which the company’s decisions are based.
The following are the values that reflect Coronado Retirement Village:
Honesty. Let your conscience be your guide and remember that doing the right thing is always the right option. The residents always come first.
Positivity: Choosing a positive attitude renders positive outcomes. By going above and beyond inspires growth in yourself and the community.
Reliability: Being consistent, trustworthy and considerate establishes an impact of fulfilling relationships with residents and associates.
Progress: The willingness to continually grow and improve each and every day.
The management and resources of Coronado Retirement Village ensures a long-term commitment to quality, built on a strong foundation of family, community, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

It's like being on vacation every day!


We are very proud to offer a loving and caring environment that feels like home. 


Our dedication to eldercare started when our own family member was diagnosed with dementia and needed special care and attention.  We learned that the effect of Alzheimer’s looked different from day to day and various interventions were necessary as the disease progressed.  No matter the ailment, heartfelt attention was always appreciated. We want to provide that same nurturing and understanding community for those seniors who can’t stay at home.


To our residents at Coronado Retirement Village:  “We are Family”

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