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Spreading the Holiday Cheer

Coronado Retirement Village is proud to announce the newly founded Charity Club!

Our club members are dedicated and the goal is to raise funds and awareness for each cause. The collected funds and donated items will be given to the local charities’. Donating to charity is the perfect opportunity to make a big difference in the world! December’s charity was given to Monarch Orphanage, where the money could be put to good use to buy toys, clothes, and other important personal items.

Please contact the Coronado retirement Village Activities Department for more information on the upcoming charity events. Phone: 619-437-1777

Among other amazing factors about the holiday season, it is a time that gets many of us thinking about others and what we can do to help those in need. The holiday’s spirits encourages us to spread a little cheer with volunteering. This holiday season we had numerous organizations and volunteers come in and spread joy among the residents. We are incredibly grateful to all those that took time and effort to give back to our CRV community!

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