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Culinary Creations at CRV

Culinary Creations at the CRV—Or what we here know it as a weekly, interactive culinary experience designed to entertain, educate, and communicate one on one with Senior Residents. The class not only activates their senses, but they are sincerely interested in what you have to say to them. You could not have a better audience. Over the past few years, the involvement and attendance has increased from 5 residents to over 25 residents. The weekly sessions are inspired from seasonal foods, and holiday and National Food days. Some of the sessions are specifically dedicated to individual residents aside from creating food presentations and tastings. A brief history and culinary facts are shared during the actual presentation. These sessions have inspired the residents to put together an in-house cook book to give as gifts to their family and friends. One of our residents has even assigned herself as the secretary and takes minutes of the recipe for the cook books. Our main star of the show Patrick, who hosts these classes describes it as being, “One of the most fulfilling experiences he has encountered in all the years of his culinary career.”

Come see what this holiday season has in store for our future cooking classes! They will be focused around Pumpkins, Peaches, and Pears! Coming Soon…Pumpkin Hash, Pear Gorgoz la Candried Peaches Pizza, Building a Gingerbread House, Sugar Cookies, Cranberry Christmas Wreaths, and Wassail Ginger Breads!

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