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Easing the Move to Assisted Living

Moving into an assisted living community can be very emotional. It's important to prepare the new home to match familiar routines as quickly as possible. If the relative enjoys playing games online, make sure the computer is up with Internet connection. If watching a DVD movie is her preference, arrange for utilities to turn on before moving and the TV and DVD player set up and organized before you leave for the evening. Remember to set out treasured items and photographs too-- familiar objects serve as transitional objects and bring some of the home they left into their new environment.

Help Seniors Move

Quickly integrate personal items into the new living quarters to aid the transition. When packing for the new home, encourage your loved one to select special mementoes and personal items like family photos, pieces of furniture, and family treasures to bring along.

Upon arrival, help them place the prized possessions into the new living space. It enhances the feeling of control and decreases helplessness.

Consistent stopovers and social visits by family and friends promote positive adjustment. Consider calling your parent often and plan for regular outings to local restaurants, the park, the theater, and the market. These types of activities and planned excursions will ease their distress.

Tip: Remind the loved one that they are starting a new chapter in life. So in lieu of talking about the past too much, focus on the activities and new friends they are making at the assisted living community.

Coronado Retirement Village assists new residents with their move in many different ways. We can arrange for a moving company that specializes in moving and downsizing senior households to contact the family. We will make sure all necessary paperwork is complete. Our in house Maintenance Department ensures the room is ready and comfortable. The Wellness Department orders medications from our in- house pharmacy and schedules appointments with physicians. The Resident Care Coordinator understands the resident’s care needs, and the Activity Director completes the social profile to ensure the new resident makes a smooth transition into the social environment of the community. To top it off, the Dietary Department ensures the necessary dietary guidelines are satisfied and provides nutritious meals to contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.

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