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Seniors’ Charitable Ways

When it comes to supporting those in need, seniors tend to be very generous. Seniors are especially moved by disasters, such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. During the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe seniors and others donated more than 1.3 billion dollars to Red Cross alone! AARP research shows that seniors of the age 65 and older are the most charitable out of any age group. Since most seniors are retired they are more likely to answer the phone and give donations upon requests. Seniors at CR are too busy to sit around and wait for charitable requests; instead they ban to take matters into their own hands.

CRV Residents have decided to take the Monarch School of homeless children under their wing. CRV will be hosting a Lemonade Stand “Stand-Off” with the Sacred Heart Parrish School on May 30, 2014. CRV will give all of the proceeds to the students at Monarch. The money will go towards clothing, feeding and further educating the children and that is enough to keep a permanent smile on our senior’s faces. Paying it forward is the momentum behind seniors and there is no end to this generosity in sight.

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